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Circular cycling routes

Want to experience for yourself how our cycling heroes stayed in shape in their own region? You can do so on the three bicycle circuits designed for that purpose, where both recreational cyclists and touring cyclists are welcome.

Armed with the cycling map, you can start practically anywhere and stop by info signs along the way. You can also go digital with your smartphone. You scan the signs along the way and we will immerse you via our comprehensive website. Junctions 26 and 61 are recommended starting points and stops for those needing parking facilities or additional information.

On the circuit “Rupelstreek” from the cycling experience centre De Velodroom (junction 26) towards Antwerp Cycling Centre you cycle along the Rupel and the Scheldt, where the brickmaking past, several natural areas and nice lookout points await you. As touring cyclist, you can also attack the famous ‘Bosstraat’ or test your condition on a cycling track.

The circuit “Vaartland” between the Sportimonium (junction 61) and the cycling experience centre De Velodroom leads you along the city of art Mechelen, the Hombeeks plateau, the Zennegat and the three-river point. Riding along the banks of the Rupel you reach Klein-Willebroek. To get back, you pass along Willebroekse Vaart, Zemst and the Bloso site.

On the circuit along the home of Eddy Merckx you make your acquaintance with a surprising piece of Green Belt. The National Botanic Garden in Meise, the Museum for Old Techniques, the Three Fountains park, the Bloso site, Sportimonium are each worth visiting.


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