Two visitors at the Sportonium exhibition on bicycles

Circular cycling routes

Would you like to try for yourself how our cycling heroes prepare for races in their own area? If so, you can do it on the three circular cycling routes marked out for this purpose. Armed with a cycling map you can start and stop wherever you like at the information panels along the route. You can also take the digital option using your smartphone. Just scan the panels along the way and we will immerse you in the experience on our website.

On the Rupel area route from Casa Grinta to the Antwerp Cycling Centre you cycle along the rivers Rupel and the Scheldt, where you will come across a history in brick-making, numerous nature reserves and the only climb on the route Bosstraat.

The Vaartland route between the Sportimonium and Casa Grinta takes you to the art-filled city of Mechelen, the Hombeek plateau, the Zennegat and the three-river point. The banks of the Rupel then lead you to Klein-Willebroek. You can return via the Willebroekse Vaart, Zemst and the Bloso domain.

On the route that passes Eddy Merckx’ house, you get to know a surprising bit of the Green Belt. The National Botanical Gardens in Meise, the Museum for Old Techniques, Three Fountains Park, the Bloso domain and the Sportimonium are all worth a visit.


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