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Vaartland cycle route

‘Vaartland’ is eminently suited to a relaxing day out. You pass the three-river point where the Rupel (the only Belgian river that has no source) is formed by the Dijle and the Nete. A few hundred metres further on you will come to the watery Zennegat. This is where the River Zenne joins the Leuven-Dijle Canal and where they both flow into the Dijle.

It’s relaxing cycling here, on the kilometres of traffic-free dykes and banks, along canals and rivers. You can cross the water to discover agreeable villages using free ferryboats, bridges and lock gates. For example, enjoy the peace and calm of the picturesque bargee village of Klein-Willebroek, where the lock sets the rhythm of village life.

You can also dismount in Willebroek or Mechelen, a city full of art. Find unexpected corners where you can dream away undisturbed. And for a change, the rural districts on the Hombeek plateau around Mechelen can serve you up a wide variety of countryside delights.

Along this very watery cycling route we can also recommend the accessible nature reserves and the Hazewinkel Bloso domain with its impressive water-sports course in Heindonk.

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