winner's podium after a stage of the Tour of Belgium for the visually impaired

Rupel area cycle route

The rivers Scheldt, Rupel and Nete are the natural lifelines of the ‘Rupel area’. These rivers were once a source of inspiration for painters and poets. Now they are a major element in recreation and the active experience of nature.

In Noeveren you can relive the area’s rich and visually appealing history of brick-making. The remnants of the old brick-ovens and the original workmen’s houses take you back to the time when the industry was flourishing.
The old water-tower in Rumst, converted into a tourist information centre and a panoramic viewpoint, offers a 360° view of the present excavation work in the clay pits and on the banks of the Rupel.

Make an assault on Bosstraat, with a 6% incline over a length of 700 metres, a challenge to every cyclist. Feel the surges of adrenaline as a track cyclist or practise BMX tricks on the track and the circuit at the Provincial Cycling Centre in Wilrijk. If you opt for the real thing, there is room along the route of the annual Rik Van Steenbergen Memorial in Aartselaar or the cyclo-cross in Niel.

You can park and prolong your fun at the Provincial Recreation Domain ‘De Schorre’. This old clay-pit is now a recreation and event centre that guarantees both restful and active pleasure.

Casa Grinta: restaurant & cycling museum

Bosstraat: the steepest hill in the province

The Boom velodrome builders: at home on the track

The Libertas bicycle factory in Niel

Niel cross-country race: more than 50 years of tradition

René Dillen: five times in the Tour de France

The cyclist George Pintens

Olympic champion Roger Ilegems

Willy ‘Rupske’ Lauwers and family

Provincial Cycling Centre, Antwerp

The Rik Van Steenbergen Grand Prix

Tour of Belgium for the visually impaired

The Ludo De Bruyne Memorial Prize


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