portrait of Paul Van Bommel in shades of grey

Paul Van Bommel – collector

The chef and collector Paul Van Bommel runs the Casa Grinta restaurant and cycling museum together with his wife Annik De Smet in Terhagen.

In the restaurant you can dine superbly in a unique atmosphere amidst countless references to the world of cycling. After the meal you can visit the museum, which is above the restaurant, with Paul Van Bommel as your personal guide.

A collection that once started with a single miniature bicycle has in the meantime become a proper cycling museum with some unique items. About 1700 miniature bikes, more than 500 cyclist’s jerseys and a huge number of photos, trophies and other cycling curios. The collector has an appealing anecdote for every item in his collection.

In 2012, in collaboration with Rumst town council, he organised a carnival race in Terhagen for ex-professional cyclists, with participants including Greg Lemond, José De Cauwer and Nico Mattan. The second of these races will take place in June 2013, on the first day of theTerhaegsche Feesten.

In addition to cooking and collecting, Paul also likes to spend time exploring the themed routes with cyclists and sharing his cycling stories with them.

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  • slideshow archiefbeelden, Cyclists  at Restaurant Casa Grinta
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