portrait of Paul Van Bommel in shades of grey

Paul Van Bommel collector

Chef and collector Paul Van Bommel, along with his wife and hostess Annik De Smet, ran the former restaurant/cycling museum Casa Grinta. Many racing cyclists happily visited for a culinary treat or a chat.

His collection, which began with a miniature bicycle, grew into a unique collection of more than 700 cycling jerseys, trophies, photographs and numerous cycling curiosities. Paul Van Bommel always has nice anecdotes about those collection pieces. His collection is now the heart of the cycling experience centre De Velodroom at cycling junction 26 along the Rupel dike. Each year it is the subject of thematic exhibitions.

These days Paul enjoys taking the time to walk visitors through the exhibition or to explore the thematic routes with cyclists and to share his cycling knowledge.

  • slideshow archiefbeelden, cycling jerseys  at restaurant Casa Grinta
  • slideshow archiefbeelden, Cyclists  at Restaurant Casa Grinta
  • slideshow archiefbeelden, Bicycle map with coloured Jerseys from the  three bike loops


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