The Sportimonium in the wheel of Eddy Merckx

Digital activity course

Relive the legendary moments of cycle racing throughout the history of the sport with your whole family or in a group. Enjoy the surprise of the digital activity course in the Sportimonium collection. Each stage takes you closer to the finishing line. Which member of the peloton will be the first over the line?

Eddy Merckx, in the lead, will guide you and your team-mates through the digital quiz and activity course on the basis of memorable moments from his career. You will also get to meet other cycling gods such as Stan Okkers, Lomme Driessens and Rupske Lauwers. With playful tasks, films, old-fashioned photos and heroic tales about Poekske Scherens’ bike, the evolution of the bicycle, and much more. You can listen to the radio commentaries of important highlights of cycle racing or sing along with a tune from one of the cycling songs.


Do you want to get your legs into top form, or keep them that way? If so, get on your bike at the Sportimonium and do the circular cycling routes through the Rupel area, Vaartland or the Green Belt. These carefully selected routes take you to the loveliest spots in the region, all ‘in the wheel of Eddy Merckx’.

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