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Noeveren, brickmaker’s hamlet in Boom

The unique landscape of the Rupelstreek has been shaped over the centuries by clay excavation and the manufacture of bricks, roof tiles and flooring tiles. Several generations of brickmakers have made this region what it is today. Nowhere is the typical brickmaking character better preserved than in Noeveren, a hamlet in Boom. For those who would like to find out more about the special history of the Rupel area, this is a good place to start.

During a 2-hour guided tour of Noeveren, you will learn all about the past and present of this remarkable area. You will visit the most interesting and secret places, while the guide gives you an account of the social history of the lost brickmaking and shipping industry, interspersed with remarkable anecdotes and enjoyable stories.

If you’d like to delve even further into the history of brickmaking, why not visit the open-air museum in Noeveren. Here you can discover all there is to know about the various types of ovens and production processes.

Group visit (maximum 25 participants per guide, several guides possible)
guided walk: fee for guide €55
museum visit:
- €2.75 per person
- €2 (student or 60+)
- €30 fee for guide (mandatory)

Take a break before, after or during the walk, and try a glass of the regional Dutch gin.

Contact details
E: info@erfgoednoeveren.be
W: www.erfgoednoeveren.be

Info and reservation
Toerisme Rupelstreek-Vaartland
Sasplein 18
2830 Klein-Willebroek
T: +32 3 886 22 66
E: toerisme@trvl.be

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