black-and-white photo of the Belgica

New Belgica, Boom

A seaworthy replica of the three-masted ‘Belgica’ is being built in a shipyard in Boom. It was on the original ship that Adrien de Gerlache undertook his historic South Pole expedition (1897-1899), which was the first in history on which people spent the winter in the Antarctic. This project not only breathes life into our most important maritime heritage, it also provides opportunities for the future. De Steenschuit is the charity building the ship with the help of 500 long-term jobseekers, providing them with new training and employment prospects. Furthermore, the new ‘Belgica’ is being built using green energy and renewable materials. When the ship is ready, it will sail the seven seas on a climate mission.

Individual visit
The visitors’ centre is open to individuals every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday from 1.30 p.m. to 5 p.m. (from 16 March to end October).
Entry is free of charge.

Group visit
Daily guided tours can be arranged on request.
The price is 100 for groups of up to 20 people; larger groups pay 5 extra per person.

Contact details
New Belgica Werf
Noeveren 26
2850 Boom
T: +32 3 888 00 76

Info & reservation
Toerisme Rupelstreek-Vaartland
Sasplein 18
2830 Klein-Willebroek
T: +32 3 886 22 66

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